Interior rules

Ladies and gentlemen!

When you visit our massage salon, you must remember that erotic massage parlor is a public venue for leisure.

It is also necessary to remember that other visitors can be other than you in the cabin, at a session of erotic massage. Therefore we urge you to keep quiet.

Before a session as erotic massage and other erotic programs, be sure to visit the soul, whether you took a bath from the comfort of your home or not.

Our masseuses perform not only erotic massage, as well as other erotic programs. In all of this, they have no relation to sex services, and are not prostitutes, despite the fact that they are performing erotic programs and touch your genitals.

Urology and proctology in hospitals, too, are directly related to the sexual organs, but they just are not prostitutes. Therefore, a big request to you, during the erotic massage and other programs do not offer the girls for a fee to perform sexual services (oral stimulation, sexual intercourse …).

We recommend not to come to a session of erotic massage and other erotic programs in a drunken state, because in this case, due to the inhibition of intoxication of the central nervous system, because of which the nerve receptors lose their sensitivity.

For this reason, you can not get a proper feeling, and we can not guarantee you get maximum relaxation.

As honored guests is not necessary to insist on meetings with our collaborators outside the cabin and on the exchange of phone numbers.

During the massage, transfer the phone in silent mode otherwise the calls can significantly reduce the desired effect.

Help in the shower after the massage is negotiated and paid in advance.

In conducting private parties do not deprive your friends the pleasure of the massage, do not go to them in the room. Otherwise you risk to find out about yourself a little more.

For the rest, be at home! Communicate, entertain and relax.

We wish you a pleasant stay!