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Relax Salon «Fusion» Girls need a paying job – and it’s not just words. We guarantee timely payment without delay and any fines contrived. All our collaborators are made to work and have the right to leave, we – the only honest cooperation. Since joining the masseuse or administrator in massage salon «Fusion», you can get a massage at the expense of company training. Do not forget that the work of a masseuse or administrator involves compliance with several requirements. Our requirements are as follows:

  • The candidates must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  • They should have good looks.
  • Soiskatelnits as an administrative job, and job masseuse should have the ability to find a common language with any client, maintain a pleasant dialogue, avoid conflict and honorably resolve all the conflicts arising.
  • The work in a massage parlor «Fusion» requires punctuality and responsibility.

From candidates is expected willingness to work in the schedule “two by two”.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​would be to your advantage, regardless of whether you are interested in the position of master of massage or massage salon administrator: Ulyanovsk – a historic city, which attracts a lot of visitors from other countries.

Also soiskatelnits Candidates masseuse advantage will be the experience of a professional massage. But even if you have no experience, it does not mean that in our erotic massage parlor job is not for you. For girls who meet all other requirements, we provide free education techniques of erotic massage.

If, after reading this list, do you see yourself, and if you are interested in an erotic massage, you can safely send personal information via surveys. We will consider your candidacy and send a response.

Once again on the intima. Customers are informed that they only massage services, without sex. Also, we expect that the girls who want to perform erotic massage in the salon, job search only for this purpose, and will not offer clients for sex during the session. It is forbidden.

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